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The phone call came at work, as I knew it would.

I work only 2 days a week.  That’s it.  Mostly to get myself out of the house and have some grown up talk to keep myself sane.

I work usually weekends.  When I have baby-sitters.  My husband is almost never left with the children alone.

Except, this particular week, I was asked to work a Tuesday instead of a Saturday.  So, I was at work on Tuesday, when the phone rang.

“Nichole, it’s Paul,” my co-worker told me.

“Yeeeees?” I answered to the phone.


The Husband was attempting to take our youngest on an outing (a feat in itself), and the hairbrush was M.I.A.

“Yeah….good luck with that.  I asked Paige to put the brush away for me yesterday and I haven’t seen it since.  I don’t know where she put it, but it obviously wasn’t away.”

“Well, what did you use to brush her hair with then?!”  He sounded frazzled.  And a little frantic.

“One of the little, like, pocket brushes in the bathroom drawer.”  We hate these brushes.  Forget trying to get a knot out of curly hair (my oldest daughter’s hair corkscrews right out of her scalp) and the whole bristle part of the brush comes right out and is stuck in her hair.

“Fine.  Bye,” he said curtly, and hung up.  I don’t take offense.  This is just how we communicate some days.  I know I have PLENTY of those days.

A few hours later, I figured I’d call to see how he was making out.

“Did you find the brush?”  I asked him when he answered the home phone.

“I didn’t, but Stephen did!”

Stephen, is my step-father.  We have an odd family dynamic over here.  We were living with my parents temporarily when my mother passed away two years ago.  We offered to stay with my step-father after she passed since the house is too large for just one person, I was afraid he’d be too lonely, and frankly, the man has a hard time boiling water.  So, we stayed.

“Great!  Where did he find it?” I wondered.

“You ready for this?  It was DOWN CELLAR next to the washer and dryer, on the ironing board.”

Oh, well, that’s close.