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In June, towards the end of Paige’s kindergarten year, we were preparing for yet another morning of school.  We were trying to get together everything she would need for the day, into her backpack.  I had asked her to grab her juice box.

Paige being Paige, she was currently occupied in some other nonsense and was NOT grabbing her juice box.  She was staring intently on some random object sitting on the kitchen table.

“Come on, Scatter Brain!” I chided.  “Grab your juice box.  Let’s go!”

“NEVER…call me Scatter Brain.”  I had apparently committed some cardinal sin I knew nothing about.

“Well, stop acting like one then!” I retorted.

She got huffy and indignant.  “AND NEVER…..call me Grape Juice.”


There are not enough words in the English language…

“Agreed.  I’ll never call you Grape Juice.”

How do you argue with THAT?