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THIS was a school work assignment I pulled out my oldest daughter’s backpack one day in kindergarten last year.

The direction instructed, “draw a picture for the sentence.”  The sentence, I believe, was chosen and given by the teacher.  “Sam has ham.”

At first, I did not understand the picture.

Though….was that Paige (or Sam?) and a….PIG on the left?

“Paigey….” I called carefully.  She was already enraptured with a TV show, but I HAD to get to the bottom of this picture.

“Yes, Mom?” she said, running into the dining room to find out what I was calling her for.

“You did a great job writing your sentence at school today.”  Praise the good first…isn’t that what they say?

“Thank you, Mommy.”

“But, um, I have a question about the picture…could you explain it to me?”

“Sure, that’s Sam in the middle.”  Apparently, her take on Sam was a female, so short for Samantha then?  With curly hair like hers.  “And that’s a pig on the side of her.

Oh.  My.  God.  This IS as comical as I thought it was.  “Okay, that’s what I thought,” I said, suppressing a giggle.  “But what’s that on the other side of Sam?” I questioned.

“That’s an oven!”

I could not control the burst of laughter that came out of my mouth.

Is anyone else bothered by the smile on Sam AND the pig’s face?

How this was graded as appropriate and sent home without a serious conference, I’ll never know.