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“Are you aware your child has an English accent?” one of her dance teachers asked last year.

I guess this raised some eyebrows since we’re not from England.  No, we’re from Massachusetts, where R’s are a legend of the alphabet.  Nothing a short “a” sound can’t solve…

During her dance class, Paige had randomly broken out into a nearly perfect dictation of “pip pip cheerio’s,” and the like.  I’m not sure why.  I’m never really sure what’s going through Paige’s mind at any given moment, but I imagine it must be scary in there.

“Yes, yes I am,” I sighed.  “There’s also a southern accent and a hint of an Irish one as well.  If you come across them, don’t be scared.  Also, the English accent gets really thick after any viewing of Mary Poppins.”

Thankfully, Paige’s dance teacher grew up with me, so she already knows we’re beyond help.

I ordered Paige some new books from her book fair that they run monthly at her school.  One of them, was about that new Disney movie (well, not so new anymore) Brave.  She ADORES Brave.  And I’m pretty sure she thinks the movie is based on her.  She’s distantly Scottish (more Irish, but our blood lines did cross over for a few generations), she LOVES to bow hunt with my husband.  Not that she could handle ever shooting anything, but she likes the idea of it.  And, like Merida, my child’s hair is wild.  Putting it mildly.  Though she has yet to turn me, or her sibling into a bear.  For which I am thankful.  Except, hibernating right through winter sounds lovely!

Anyway, I called her in one day to tame her hair for school, and she was clutching her Merida book for dear life.  I asked her to put it down momentarily, and she read out loud her spot on the page.

“The time is now, lassie!”  Said with a perfect Scottish brogue.

I don’t know how my child has picked up this talent for accents.  I swear, the best place for her is Broadway.  With 2 tons of make-up, 18 costume changes, and all the accents she could think of.

I can only imagine the accents that will come with the next Disney movie.

Wait…I took her to see Hotel Transylvania over the weekend.  Should I be worried?…