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I was sitting in the chair after dinner.  The kids were playing quietly in the other room.

Paige came into the living room to find me, quietly reading the newspaper.

“Mom…I think Allie may be a vampire.”

It’s so random, I just can’t help but laugh.

“No, really.  She has these two REALLY pointy teeth in her mouth…so…I think she may be a vampire.”

“Honey,” I tried explaining.  “Everyone has those pointy teeth in their mouth.  Here, open your mouth.  Wait, you don’t have them.  Why don’t you have pointy canine teeth?  I have them.”  I opened my mouth so she could see it’s perfectly normal.

“Oh yeah,” she said, peeking into my mouth.  “But really.  I think Allie’s a vampire.”

It would explain quite a bit…