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“You let these kids get away with MURDER!” my husband yelled at me one day, while being left alone with the children for a long stretch of time.  I don’t know how parents survive with more than two kids.  Any more, and I swear, I would just fall over dead from exhaustion.

“I do NOT let them get away with murder.  I just learned how to choose my battles.”

And trust me, I have plenty of battles to fight, even while letting some go.

So, when we’re not going anywhere, and the baby comes into the living room dressed like this:

I don’t fight it too much.  Because we’re not going anywhere, so why not let her be….well, her?  My neighbor’s may think my children don’t own pants, though.  For the record, that is a pair of rain boots, her treasured Minnie Mouse underwear, worn backwards, of course.  And a monkey on her back.  This is half of a “leash” my husband insisted on buying her a year ago, for a trip to Nantucket.  And which I let her wear precisely just the once.  I couldn’t stand seeing it on her any more than that.  But she has now fallen in love with the monkey part of the leash.  She will frequently sneak monkey into her room for naptime, and then harness herself into him after we’ve left the room, and fall asleep like that.  It’s kind of charming.

I have not figured out whether she’s giving the dog, Daisy, a hug in this picture.  Or putting her in a sleeper hold.

When my oldest wants to wear this same outfit to school, THAT will be a battle I’ll fight.