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I cleaned my butt off.  I really did.  I got the dining room all squared away.  The bathroom was scrubbed until it sparkled and you could eat off the toilet, though I wouldn’t suggest it.

And then it was time to take on the living room.  My living room is large.  As in, it was actually supposed to be a two car garage, and then the original owners decided they wanted a detached garage.  Leaving one large room with probably a 15-20 foot cathedral ceiling.  So, the living room in itself could take…the rest of my life.

I employed the help of my dear husband.  Who appreciated what I was trying to do, but grumbled the whole time he helped.

And it didn’t stop at cleaning.  He had the brilliant idea to get rid of a dog couch, which at this point in its existence was more hole than couch.  It’s an eyesore and an added clutter, but the dogs enjoy it.  Kind of.  They don’t really sit on it too much these days because, well, they fall through the giant hole in the middle.

So, out the door with the dog couch.  And since we’re doing that, let’s move the toy box.

And since we’re doing that, let’s move the couch.

And since we’re doing that, let’s move the chair.

Before we knew it, just about every large piece of furniture had been moved and replaced elsewhere, ensuring every last crumb that resided on the floor was sucked up by my not-so-powerful vacuum.  Or the dog.

After a few hours, the living room looked like, well, it didn’t look like it came out of a magazine.  But close.  I think the furniture leaves us out of the running for that.  The dog has chewed on a lot of the furniture, so there’s now patches of duct tape to keep whatever stuffing remains IN the couch and OUT of the dog.  She has enough stuffing.

“Wow!  You changed the living room around!” Paige said, when she finally got off the bus.  The house had been disinfected within an inch of its life, and you could probably smell my citrus cleaner from the street.  “It’s so CLEAN in here,” she stated.  As the biggest mess maker in the house, she is astonished by clean. Really clean.

“Yes, Daddy and I worked ALL day in here,” I told her.

“Wow, you’re hard workers,” she said.  Clearly impressed by the fact that we don’t sit around sipping coffee and watching the tube all day.  “We should keep it this way.”

Well, thanks for your input.  And if it’s not kept this way, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

And twelve minutes later, I found a lollipop wrapper discarded on the rug…And so it continues.