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Halloween is almost upon us.

Allie just got her costume today.  She’s going to be a teeny, tiny, little pirate.  And she has her “Arrrrrr,” down pat.

We walked into the store with NO ideas of what she was going to be.  We started pointing out cute little girl costumes.  “Do you want to be a tiger?  An angel (pffft)?  A monster (that’s closer)?”

She nixed all our ideas.  She kept saying, “Noooo.  Sissy!”, to everything we said.  Whatever that means.  Finally, after 15 minutes of wandering around, and asking for her input, and her continually replying, “Noooo.  Sissy!” I finally plucked two of the cutest outfits off the rack and put them in front of her.

“What do you want to be?” I demanded.  “The monster?  Or the pirate?”  She chose pirate within seconds.  Done deal.  We got her an eye patch and a clip on earring to go with it, and now she’s half convinced she’s going to be straight out of that show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Though she swears she’s not Hook.

Paige, on the other hand, I have NO idea what she’s going to be yet.  When we first got our Halloween catalog (that it’s WAAAY too late to order from), she flipped through it like Sybil with epilepsy.  She kept coming across a costume, and jumping up and down and saying, “THIS!  THIS IS THE ONE I WANT!  THIS IS THE ONE I WANT TO BE!”  Until she turned the page, that is, and started the whole routine over again.  “THIS ONE, MOMMY!  OH, THIS ONE!!”  We were a fairy, a bumble bee, a peacock, a dead zombie rag doll thing, something with bloodshot eyes (I didn’t want to explain that I didn’t think I could get her eyes to do that, unless I didn’t let her sleep, starting now), and a princess.  Most specifically, Merida, from the new Disney movie Brave.

I tried to explain to her that EVERYONE is probably going to be Merida this year.  After absorbing that information for a while, she came back at me with the catalog.

“So, I think I want to be a vampire.”

“Yeah?  Wait twelve minutes, then talk to me.”  She has already been one of everything in the book.  Twice.

“Well, I was gonna be Merida, but everyone and their brother is going to be Merida this year, right Mom?”

I nodded my head and agreed.  “Everyone and their brother.”

“Well, then, I want to be a vampire.”  This idea was cemented when we went to see Hotel Transylvania a few weeks ago.

So, for now, she still wants to be a vampire.  But we’re taking a trip to the costume store as soon as she arrives home from school.  I have a feeling I will be re-wandering the aisles with a child saying, “Noooo!”  If I make it out IN TIME for Halloween, I’ll be impressed.

What are YOUR kids being for Halloween?