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There is three weeks until Thanksgiving.  THREE WEEKS!!  Not that I’m panicking.

Yesterday was spent in a flurry of ripping down the Halloween decorations and pulling out the Thanksgiving ones.

Of course, the little one was devastated.  She was still in Halloween heaven, and here I was, ripping the rug out from underneath her.

“No, no punky’s away!” she yelled, pulling out all the pumpkin stuff I had just packed neatly into a box.  “My punky’s!” she told me.

“Nope.  Halloween’s over.  It’s Thanksgiving now.  Thanksgiving.”

I could understand her confusion.  The stores don’t understand Thanksgiving either.

I pulled out my three or four measly Thanksgiving decorations and set them up.  Then I looked around.  What a downer.  From all my fun Halloween festivities….to this stuff.  I promptly decided we needed MORE for Thanksgiving.

Out I went on a mad dash around the city to find something to brighten up my older daughter’s face when she got off the bus.  The first store I went into had a fat lot of nothing on the shelves.  The shelves where there USED to be stuff were bare as the Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards.  There was a random bin full of scarecrows that told me this was where the fall stuff WAS.

It smelled like Christmas trees in there, and a quick scan of the store told me that it was indeed completely decked out for Christmas.

Huh?  Where’s the Thanksgiving stuff.

Out the door I went and onto store number 2.

Was that….Christmas music I hear playing?  Store number two thought it would be fun to add insult to injury and add Jingle Bells into the mix.

What the…?

Where a whole row of Thanksgiving stuff had stood just two days before in this store, it was now and greens and reds and advent calendars staring me in the face.

This IS the first day of November….right?  Why, oh why, would they out all the Thanksgiving stuff on the first day of November?  This makes no bloody sense to me.

Onto store number three.  The guy att he door must’ve seen determination all over my face.

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yeah, Thanksgiving stuff…do you have any?”  I was still irritated by Jingle Bells.

“Um, like decorations?  What are you looking for as far as decorations?”

“At this point, I would take a dish towel.”

And I was serious.

“Let me check with Lou up front.  Hey Lou!  We got anything for Thanksgiving decorations?”

Lou says, “No.  We got some stuff last year, but nothing came in this year.”

Just perfect.  I glanced up at a third worker stringing lights from the ceiling.  Damn you, Christmas.  Damn you.

“We got turkey pans,” Lou said helpfully.

Yeah, I’ll just stick my turkey pan out on my coffee table to make it look nice.  Maybe I’ll put some turkey drippings in there to give it that authentic Thanksgiving smell.

Out to store number four.  Store number four, was Target.  They surely wouldn’t let me down.  Right?

They let me down.  No turkey stuff to be found.  With the exception of some gel window clings that said “Give Thanks.”  Yeah, I’ll give thanks when I find turkey related items, thankyouverymuch.  And, when given free rein by the husband to the bank account, I refuse to spend three lousy dollars.  I’m trying to help an economy here.

Store number 5 was a tried and true craft store.  That has something for every holiday.  Except, apparently, Thanksgiving.  Wait, that’s not true.  They HAD Thanksgiving somethings, except one item that I thought was cute, a stuffed (as is cotton, not bread-like deliciousness) turkey, that was sitting holding a sign, again, stating “Give Thanks.”  He was *about* 6-8 inches high…and they wanted thirty dollars for him.  Not pesos.  Dollars.  Um.  No.

I went home devastated, and even more upset when I pulled into my driveway and saw my three measly decorations staring back at me.  Oh, no friends for us, they were saying.

My poor husband.  He really puts up with way more of my crap than he needs to.  I walked into the house and declared, “I have ONE more store to try.  And you will come with me!”  Never mind we were going to have to go after dinner at this point.  Never mind that it’s a half hour away.  Never mind that he was planning to get up at 2:30 am the following morning.  He was helping me find decorations, damn it.

And there, at the Christmas Tree Shops, after dinner, stood the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.  Thanksgiving decorations.  I bought most of what they had in stock.  Paul had to stop me for fear I’d completely drain the bank account.

I actually thanked the cashier.  Who looked startled.  And a tad alarmed.

But I have my Thanksgiving decorations up, and I am ready to start cooking!  No?  Still too early?