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The kids are in bed.  I’m snuggled on the recliner, under one of my crocheted blankets, and the snack mood hits me.  I’m wearing my loose pajama pants, my husband’s shirt, and a pair of socks.

I can hear the pretzels calling my name.  In an effort to efficiently grab the snacks and get back under the blanket quickly, I run.  Although, with years of my ballet teacher yelling at me, I run on my toes.  When I sprint through the house, my heels never touch the ground.  Must be from years of Miss Carol yelling, “I swear to God, if you’re running through this studio, and I hear your heels like a bunch of hippos, I’ll cut ’em off!”  Not sure why my mom sent me for years to the Dance Nazi.  She must’ve liked the combination of dance and boot camp.

So, I’m sprinting, on my toes, I have my socks on, and I’m headed across the kitchen floor.  Half way to my destination, I suddenly put the brakes on and skid across the floor a la Risky Business over to the cabinet.

I am opening the cabinet for the pretzels, and it occurs to me…..I do that Risky Business move….probably more than I should admit in this blog.  Alright, fine.  I occurred to me that ANYTIME running is combined with the wearing of my socks, I skid across the floor.  Come on.  It’s just fun!

I head back tot he living room, slower this time, and snuggled back up under my blanket.  I know I shouldn’t ask the question to the guys (husband and step-father) so innocently watching TV, but I do anyway.

“When you guys are wearing your socks, and you’re going across the kitchen floor, you ever skid across it like Tom Cruise?”

Heads slowly turn in my direction.  They look like two hapless hunters who just realized the grizzly they’re hunting has snuck up behind them.  “What?!” The both say in unison.

“You know?  Like Tom Cruise?  Risky Business?”

They look at each other.  I think they were inaudibly asking each other if this could be the day they could finally commit me.

“No?  Just me then?”

The looked back at me, then shook their heads, as if they were trying to shake my crazy question from their brain matter and went back to their show.

I guess it is just me then.  Anyone else out there do this?  Or is it REALLY just me?