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There was frantic noises from the upstairs bathroom as I was attempting to finish my dinner. 

The girls’ were already long done with theirs (isn’t that how it always goes) and had dispersed to Paige’s room. 

There had been some sort of statement about Allie using the bathroom, and “hurry so you don’t have an accident!”  I listened closely.  Paige was helping her, but I didn’t know how dire the situation was.  Just how close were we to said accident? 

I was relieved a second later when I heard Paige shout, “You did it!”  As if Allie had peed in the potty for the first time instead of being trained almost three months now. 

Then for some reason, the accomplishment needed to be personally delivered to me. 

“MOM!” Paige exclaimed, running down the stairs.  “Allie did it!  Allie did a pee in the potty!”  Maybe this is so exciting because she doesn’t see it happening forty-two times a day? 

“Fantastic,” I replied.  “I’ll have announcements made up immediately.”  And with that, Paige disappeared back upstairs. 

What Paige did not realize, is that once Allie goes to the potty, several more times will follow in rapid succession.  It’s like she can’t get it all out in one shot. 

Sure enough, I heard Allie back in the bathroom a second time.  And then a third. 

By the fourth time, Paige’s excitement had waned, and she was clearly irritated.  I could feel her exasperation from downstairs.  So when Allie got onto the toilet and said, “Sissy, help!” 

Paige replied, “No, sis.  I can’t help you squeeze out a poop!” 

In fairness, there’s really only so much sisters’ can help each other with.