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I have been on a hiatus for a few months due to a problem with my computer, but thankfully, am back now.  Fortunately, my kids have not stopped saying asinine stuff in this period of time, giving me plenty of stuff to catch up with!

It was a snow day here in the north east. My children love each other, but, with there being an almost four year age gap between them, they’re not used to spending a lot of one on one time together. For as long as my little one has been alive, mostly, my oldest has been in some form of schooling. Leaving her to have plenty of time away from her sister. You know, that whole, absence makes the heart grow fonder thing.

It was just after noon on one of our many snow days we accumulated this year. I had just sat down after lunch, and had no sooner picked up something to do when I heard Paige come storming into the living room.

“Mom! Allie keeps saying “haha” and “boo” even though I keep asking her not to!” Paige whined.

“Paige…..go away,” I told her. I’m not even going to pretend to try to break up this nonsense.

Paige turns to walk away, and I hear little baby feet running through the kitchen, towards the living room. Because, see, Allie, being the dutiful youngest in the family, cannot leave well enough alone. It is her birth right to annoy until some sort of violence is invoked.

Then I heard Paige again. “Alright! Now THAT was on purpose! MOM!! Allie just ran at me and HUGGED me without even warning me first!”

Noted. Allie will be punished for excessive and violent hugging.