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My daughter’s been sick.  For months, it seems.  She has been to school about four days in the last two weeks, only to pick up some new infectious disease that has caused her to, quite literally, toss her cookies, more times than I care to count.

You know that as a parent, you would do ANYTHING to make your child feel better.  Anything to bring that smile back to their face.

My oldest is pretty fancy.  She likes dresses, and hair clips, and anything that sparkles.  I refer to her as my ferret.

I started by planning a tea party.  I have these three great cookbooks, geared towards kids like her, “Pink Princess Cookbook”, “Fairies Cookbook”, and something about horses cookbook.  Possibly “My Little Pony Cookbook”?  But I’m just speculating.


I started going through my books.  I found some cute ideas, and then told Paige, that just as soon as she was feeling better, and tea party would be had.

She got excited about the idea.  I told her I just needed some help to go through the books and pick out a drink recipe for the occasion.

She found a “Snow Queen Punch” that she requested, and while the snow idea doesn’t really fit into the idea of my spring party, I just let it slide.

Once we had our menu, I did a light grocery run to make sure we had everything.

Then I got really into it.  I printed out one of these for each of the girls.  Only the name at the top was changed for my little one.

You've been invited!

You’ve been invited!

In case you’re having trouble reading it, it says, “You’ve been invited to a Princess Tea Party, Wednesday, April 17, 2013.  Tea will be served outside, weather permitting.  Please wear your best dress, and a smile.  The lunch menu will consist of:

Fancy Cucumber Sandwiches
Raspberry Tea Sandwiches
Snow Queen Punch
Ponytail Dippers for dessert

We hope to see you there!”

I hand delivered the invitation to Paige, upstairs in her room, under her mound of pillows and blankets.  While she was reading, I could see a smile playing with the corners of her mouth.  Her desperate attempt to bite her cheeks to hide her excitement and enthusiasm.

“Why did you print this up?” she questioned.  She looked at me with what could only be a question of whether to be impressed I put in the effort, or if I had finally gone off the deep end and help should be called in immediately.

“EVERYONE needs invitations to a fancy princess tea!” I told her.  Aghast that she didn’t already know princess protocol.

“Well, I’ll DEFINATELY be there!” she finally shouted, letting enthusiasm reign over coolness.

“Maybe you want to mark it on your calendar to save the date,” I said, motioning to her Hawaii calendar that she thought was oh so cool when I gave it to her a few weeks ago.

I’m sure we’ll have fun at our tea party.  I know I’ll take pictures.  And I know, for a brief minute, I got to see that smile light up a room again.