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I had just finished filling out the paperwork for my three-year-old to officially join my almost seven-year-old at dance next year.  Allie is desperate to do the things that Paige does.  School and dance being at the top of that very long list.  The dance studio does not allow children to start dance until they are three AND potty trained.  Thankfully, Allie is now both.

Me: Allie!  You get dance next year, like sister!

Allie: YAY!!!  Oh wait….I can’t dance.

Me: That’s okay.  Miss Katie will teach you.

Miss Katie is a wonderful teacher, great personality, fabulous sense of humor, and one of my best friend’s from my own dance years as a child/teenager. 

Allie: Miss Katie….A CAT?!!!! 

Me: Um……no.

She seemed so thrilled by the possibility of being taught how to dance by a cat, that it pained me to have to dash her dreams. 

She’ll be very disappointed by plain ol’ Miss Katie next September.  Though she has said she may wear a leather cat suit to dance one day.  Which may break about seven different state laws.  And has promised to meow once or twice at her.