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Paige has this very annoying habit of repeating everything she says until you acknowledge her existence.  Or until she’s sure you’ve heard her.  Whichever is most obnoxious at that current time.

Grocery day, in this house, is the equivalent of Christmas.  My children will stand in the kitchen, ripping through the grocery bags, screaming in absolute delight, and doing some sort of dance to the supermarket gods in thanks.

My youngest literally thanked me today for buying tissues.

“Thank you, Mom!  Thank you!”  As she hugs the box of Kleenex to her chest.

To bring a container of ice cream in the house is like listening to the screams of a Belieber at a Justin Beiber concert.

I imagine the same routine goes on in third world countries when they trade beans for a goat.

I bought orange juice today, and while my youngest is incredibly grateful for every item I bring into the house, my oldest is quick to point out my faults and my wrong doings.

“The orange juice doesn’t have pulp.  I don’t like juice with no pulp.”

I will take my place on the front lawn where I will hang my head in shame and ask for the peoples forgiveness until you’re ready for the public flogging.

So, later, her majesty runs out of juice.  She’s eating some of the Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins that she adores (that she made sure not to mention, but the little one hugged them like she hadn’t eaten for a month) and suddenly, her mouth is parched.

“I need something to drink!  I’ll take orange juice, Mom.  Even though it has no pulp.  I’ll take juice even though it has no pulp.”

I pull the orange juice out of the fridge at the same time Allie brings her cup and asks for a different kind of beverage that the fridge has been stocked with since my recent trip.

Paige says it again.  “I’ll take orange juice, even though it has no pulp.”

I fill her glass, even though I still haven’t actually acknowledged her statement.  So, for good measure, so she has drilled it into my brain what a freakin’ moron I am for daring to pick up juice with no pulp, she gets it in there again.  “I’ll drink it, even though it has no pulp.”

“Fine!  Yes!  I know!  The juice has no pulp!  I promise you there will be bigger problems in your future!  You’ll be praying for the days when juice with no pulp was your biggest issue!!”

We all make mistakes in our life.  I won’t soon make the juice with no pulp mistake again.