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Dear Paige,

Today you turn seven.  It hardly seems possible.

You have grown and changed so much in these past seven years, but have grown in leaps and bounds since you began school.  The changes are almost too quick to keep up with sometimes.

It’s amazing to me that you have become your own person.  You came from me, but you are now a full blown human with your own thoughts, your own ideas.  It’s an amazing process to watch.

In your seventh year of life, you are fortunate enough to not have a shy bone in your body, and have many friends.  I couldn’t name your best friend, because it seems to change like the wind direction.  Your best friend is pretty much whoever is currently sharing the same air space as you.  Though I do hear the names Samantha and Brianna a lot.  Your favorite color is a toss up between red and pink.  You love travelling and are always look for the next great adventure.  You’re still deciding if your more at home on the beach, or in the mountain.

Your favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs and you would probably give your left arm for chicken pot pie.  You can sit and eat a whole tub of strawberries (or any kind of berry, at that) if I let you.

You’re not a big fan of chocolate, and I have seen you pass over a plate piled high with brownies, for a bowl full of seedless watermelon.  Birthday cake is out of the question for you, unless said birthday cake is ice cream in nature.  Spongy cake mix and sugary frosting is not your thing.

You love to read, and you were actually reading before you even hit kindergarten.  Somewhere in the summer of pre-school and kindergarten, it all clicked in that brain of yours, and you have been unstoppable ever since.  You got flat out pissed in kindergarten when you were told there were only certain areas you could check books out of.  You weren’t interested in small reads, and picture books.  You wanted chapter books, and a challenge.  And once you entered first grade, you were the first one in your class to be approved for the chapter book section of the library.  You’re still a little peeved that there’s an area on the 3rd and 4th graders can enter.  And you’re always eager to get your hands on books about dinosaurs and crystals.  You’re so much different than I used to be.

When I look at you, I swear, I still see this:


But you’ve grown into this:

IMG_2536 copy

Happy seventh birthday, my sweet.  I love you.  I adore you.  I am so incredibly proud of you.  Thank you for being ours.  Thank you for being patient.  And thank you for learning an growing with me.