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I took my birthday girl to the park yesterday to try to get some pictures of her. I always attempt pictures at birthday’s and Christmas.

Of course, this particular park has a playground. So it was all, “Can I play on the swings?!”

I bribed her with the promise of the wind in her hair, if only she would look at my camera. She has a tendency to look at anything but. And with bugs around, there’s plenty to distract her wandering eye.

I took a few of her just to warm her up.

Then I broke out the wardrobe. I had packed a couple different pieces with a couple cute ideas in mind.

“Why am I wearing that, Mommy?”

“Because I have a vision!”

“Am I eating honey?”

I am not even going to ask questions as to why she would be eating honey.

I situated her against a tree, advised her against moving, due to a sharp drop off not too far off behind her (she was safe, I was within arms distance) and told her not to smile. Which, naturally, made her immediately crack up. It took her a while to get her face normal again. But I have learned with Paige to snap quickly and snap often. Out of twenty, I’ll have one where her face is normal, her eyes are open, she hasn’t cranked her mouth to some wonky position, she’s still standing semi where I set her up, and she’s looking at my camera.  All of that far too much to ask of a seven-year-old simultaneously.

I found this one in my first lot.

IMG_2575 copyIt was everything I had in mind.  I should share the twenty or so outtakes.

While she was there, I took my opportunity to swipe the glasses, and then had to think up a knock, knock joke.

IMG_2580B&W copy

Alright, so it’s the not the greatest of smiles, but it was the best I could do under pressure.  I was mostly after those eyes anyway.

Then it was time for the glitter and glitz of the princess stuff.  She insisted on packing some of her own props, and since she was the birthday girl, I told her to have at it.

We moved to a quiet, deserted path in the park.  She posed.  I’m starting to think that she believes herself to be Audrey Hepburn.

IMG_2599 copyHer eyes were shifting all over the place, and never toward the camera, so this was only snapped when she informed me my camera didn’t have enough glamour, and handed me her wand to keep in front (and above) my lens so it would attract her eye.  More proof of her being a ferret in her last life.

“Please, Mom!  Can I please go play on the swings now?”

“Can I just get one more set of shots?  I have the place all picked out already.  AND it’s on the way back to the swings.”

I got her all set up and then said, “Alright, think of…..Allie picking her nose.”

“Eeewww,” she cried.  And then got a case of the giggles.

“And Daddy scratching his butt.”

Alright, may not be the nicest way to get a smile, but hey, it worked!

IMG_2652 copyAnd out of one hundred and nine clicks of my shutter, I got about eight to hang on the wall.

Happy birthday, my little ferret.  Seven years goes far too fast.