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“Owww!” Allie wailed from the back room.

“Well!….” I heard Paige start to say.  It’s her go to word when she’s hurt Allie purposely, and Allie starts to cry.  As in, “Well, you shouldn’t have been grabbing at me.”  “Well, you shouldn’t have tried to eat my snack.”  “Well, you should know better than to make eye contact with your supreme leader.”  “Well…”

Allie came out to the kitchen, howling.  Crocodile tears, I’m sure.  She makes sure to never pass up an opportunity to get Paige sent to her room.  It’s her birth right as the baby.

“Sissy hit me!” she cried pathetically. 

“Well-” Paige said, wandering in behind Allie, scrambling for an excuse, knowing one wrong statement would have her looking at the back of her door for upwards of ten minutes.  “Well, she just grabbed at my skirt and she wouldn’t let it go!  And….I….Well, I didn’t know my arm would do that.” 

I tried keeping a straight face.  I really did.  So did Papa. 

“Hmmm.  You didn’t know your arm would do that?  Must’ve been some sort of a muscle spasm that made you do that.” 

Sounded good to her.  “Musta been!” she agreed.

Allie could see the ruse was up.  I wasn’t angry, and it didn’t look like Paige was being banished to the tower anytime soon.

Better luck next time.  And stand clear of your sister when she has those muscle spasms, for the love of Joseph!