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“HELLO!!!” I heard filtering through the house. 

When my little one awakes in the morning, she will not come out of her room on her own.  She waits for someone to physically go get her.  I don’t know how I talked her into doing this.  It’s incredibly useful on days I need one more cup of coffee before she gets up.  But she’s always vocal enough to let you know she’s awake.

But I wasn’t sure this morning if it had been Allie screaming, or Paige. 

I poked my head into Papa’s office.  “Was that Paige?  Or Allie?”

He shrugged his shoulders, confused as I was. 

It had sounded like Paige, but her current task was getting shoes on, and I couldn’t understand how screaming at the top of your lungs at 7:00 am would factor into that.

“HELLO!!!” called the voice again.

Definitely Paige. 

I made my way to the bottom of the stairs to ask what in bloody hell she was doing, only to hear, “HOW ARE YOU TODAY?!” 

What the….?

We do have a woman next door who does at home daycare.  And Paige does frequently talk to those kids.  But screaming?  At 7:00 am? 


“Paige, who in high heaven are you screaming at?”

She giggled.  “The pool!”

The pool?  

Therapy is going to start much sooner than I thought.