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Paige always has a knack for making her punishments far worse than I ever intended them to be.  Which can work in my favor of deterring her current behavior. 

This happened last night, as we packed into a high school gymnasium like sardines to watch my eighteen year old niece make a trip across the stage to end her twelve year student career. 

My children do not do well with sitting, quietly, for long periods of time.  It does not bring them happiness or joy.

My nephew was also there, and ten months older than Paige.  I was apparently the night’s babysitting service to my brother and sister in law could watch the evenings theatrics in peace.  Me, not so much. 

I listened to my nephew and oldest daughter chatter and giggle.  I tried to keep them to a dull roar, since, let’s face it, the family’s of other students are sitting mostly on top of us, and may have actually come to see the graduation.  And not hear dear nephew’s newest noise he can make through his mouth.  All.  Night.  Long.  Or listen to my daughter’s chipmunk giggle like she’s attending a Robin Williams Stand Up Tour instead of listening to this obnoxious noise. 

She had brought her new Kindle Fire that we got her for her birthday, in the hopes of her reading quietly.  Pfft.  Wishful thinking, Mom. 

The two were leaned over it, making flaming trees on a draw app, and chuckling like hyenas over a kill. 

“If you can’t be quiet, I will take that away from you,” I said low in her ear, through gritted teeth. 

“And I won’t ever get it back?” she said.


“And it will become yours?”


“And you’ll erase all of my stuff off here?”


“And you’ll put your stuff on here and play with it?”




I really only meant take it away for the remaining half hour of the ceremony, but hey, the alternative kept her to a dull roar for the rest of the evening.