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“Dear God, go pick up the pinecones off the driveway!” I yelled, while physically standing in front of the TV, so Paige would have to focus on me.

The girls had gotten their hands on a blue plastic bag filled with pinecones.  Sent home from my wonderful step-mother after my youngest spent a night at Grandma’s house.  I’m really not sure why I buy them hundreds of dollars worth of toys and gadgets at Christmas.  This year they get a bag of pinecones, and some trash.  All wrapped up in one giant box that they can use for entertainment for at least six months.

Paige grumbled and stormed outside.

Allie came upstairs from getting out of her bathing suit, and into something dry.  “Go help your sister pick up those pinecones,” I commanded.

“Kay!” she yelled, and streaked out the back door.

Five minutes later, Paige came in the house and whizzed past me as I started making pancakes for our weekly breakfast for dinner.

“Um, where’s your sister?” I quizzed.  “Did you kill her and hide the body somewhere?”

“I think she’s still alive….”

Well, that’s reassuring.

I’m happy to report Allie showed up three minutes later, after she had cleaned, organized, and categorized all the pinecones and her OCD had been appeased.

Day 2 of summer vacation, and both kids are still alive.  Win!