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“Alright!  I have a game everyone can play!” Paige yelled excitedly from the back seat.  “We’re going to play the Shiny, Green Tree Game!” 

We were driving to the local drive-in theaters (yes, we still have a few of those around here) to catch a double feature of Monsters University, and The Lone Ranger. 

I bet right now you’re as confused as I was about the Shiny, Green Tree Game.  But don’t worry.  She goes on to explain the rules. 

“Okay, everyone finds a nice, shiny, green tree.  The greenest leaves you’ve ever seen.  And when you find one that you think is just perfect, you yell ‘BINGO!’  Then, when we finally get to the drive-in, we each describe how green our trees leaves were, and whoever’s were the greenest, wins!” 

Um, huh?

I’m sad to say we actually played this game to keep her quiet and happy. 

And now that you know the rules, you can all play too on your next road trip!  You’re welcome.