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Paige is a marketer’s dream. 

“Mom!” She calls to me yesterday.  “Can you get me a ‘PackIt‘ lunchbox for back to school?”

“A who?” 

“A PackIt!  It keeps food cold up to five hours!” 

And that’s when I knew I was listening to an infomercial.

She falls in love with anything they’re trying to sell her on commercials.  Which is one of the main reasons I used to like Nick Jr.  It had Moose and Zee during commercial time, making the demands for useless stuff much smaller. 

But then she figured out that there were a whole slew of channels dedicated to cartoons and animation.  Recently she has found channels featuring Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.  I’m so proud. 

But these channels have also opened the door to products she MUST HAVE.  Ten minutes ago! 

Like, Pajama Jeans.  “But, Mom!  They’re so comfortable, I can SLEEP in them!  And they fit every figure!”  Oh, dear Jesus, Paige.

And then, just last night, on the way home from a trip to the farm to do some raspberry picking, I heard, “Mom, can you buy me some Cocoa Pebbles?” 

“Paige, you have literally never eaten Cocoa Pebbles in your life.” 

“I know!”

“Then why do you need them?”

“Because they’re just so delicious,” she told me, rolling her eyes, like I was an idiot.  A preview of the teenage years. 

“And how exactly do you know they’re delicious?”  This is a child who is not a big fan of chocolate.  I have seen her pass up cake time and time again, and pass over a plate of double fudge brownies for watermelon.  I would never purposely go out of my way to get her a cereal that she would eat once and then it would rot in my cupboards.

“Because they commercial said they were!” Again with the eye rolling. 

I seriously need to get this kid away from paid advertising. 

What products do your children just HAVE to have?