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Paige can find any of a million excuses as to reasons why she can’t clean her room.  Or anything for that matter.  Cleaning is not Paige’s strong suit.  Which is why God gave me Allie.

She was sent to her room today to clean by her Papa.  When I returned home from work, she made her way downstairs and gave me a great big smile.  “Hi Mommy!”

“Did you clean some of that room up today?”  I quizzed,

“Um….I made my bed!”

Whenever she’s sent to clean, inevitably, NOTHING gets touched on the floor, but she thinks that making her bed may distract us.

When I went up to check on her room progress, I was confronted by this in the hallway.

2013-07-20 16.12.59

Upon closer inspection, I saw this was apparently some sort of castle for a queen/princess.

2013-07-20 16.13.11

It’s no wonder we never have any Dixie cups….