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I have been in a creative slump recently.  I crochet fairly regularly, and my children have a stash of crochet hats, scarves and blankets that will last them long into adulthood.  That’s assuming they want to be wearing a giraffe hat (complete with horns) into their teen years.

Of course, I notice my aversion to crochet gets much greater in direct proportion to the amount of pieces that have to be sewn together.  While I love crochet, I detest sewing.  And embroidery is near impossible.  I just don’t have the precision to always sew thing on exactly center.  And there’s no machine sewing with crochet.  No, no.  You have to use the yarn, a giant needle, and your eyeballs.  Good luck with that.

So, when Allie begged and pleaded one afternoon for a monkey that she happened to see on the computer screen while I was scrolling through a crochet site, I couldn’t deny her.  She’s a monkey lover, after all.  Paige has always been partial to elephants.

The bonus about this pattern was that it was a “scrap pattern”.  Meaning I wouldn’t have to run to the store because it just HAD to have this combination of colors.  I could pretty much use whatever was laying around the house.  Which is plenty.

After three weeks of delay (I probably could’ve gotten it done in a few days, if only I could’ve brought myself to confront all that sewing), I knew Monday the time had come for me to finish damn monkey.

Allie came to check my progress, and I had finally sewn the eyes in place, and sewed the arms on.  It was still a legless, earless, tailless mutant.  But she didn’t care.  “MONKEY!” she yelled, and hugged it to her chest.

“Not done yet, baby,” came my reply.  And she pouted, but gave him a kiss on the nose, and then placed him gently back to his place.

For naptime a few hours later, she returned to monkey’s place on the couch.  Laying next to him, were the pattern instructions.  Complete with a picture.  She grabbed the page with the picture, and said, “Monkey come to bed, too?”

“No, baby.  I told you, Monkey’s not done yet.”

“No, Mama.  THIS monkey.”

“You want to take that piece of paper to bed with you?”


So she did.  She laid it just so on the pillow next to her, draped her arm lovingly over it, and napped with a picture of the finished product next to her.

I knew it needed to get finished.  She was getting desperate.  So, I spent the next two days spending every spare minute stuffing and laboring and sewing together her dear friend.

And, finally, the tail was sewn on and he (she?) was finished.  I marveled at her (him?) and thought of the look of exhilaration that would fill her face when she met him (her?).  It wasn’t my best piece of crochet work, but it was probably filled with the most love.


And Allie and her monkey have been inseparable since their introduction.


Much to my dismay, there’s a matching scrap elephant pattern that Paige just HAS to have.