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So a few weeks ago, I finished a crochet monkey for my littlest beast.  Naturally, my oldest immediately started harping on me about a long ago promise to crochet her an elephant.  I’m not sure what form of torture she had been currently employing to make me promise that.  And, in fairness, I believe she asked me for Mr. Elephante long before Allie asked me for Monkey.  But Allie is far more annoying, and the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Or something to that effect.

Paige learned that rule quickly once the monkey got done.  Every time I picked up a crochet hook, it was, “Is that my elephant you’re starting?  Are you almost done?  Are you starting on his head?”

The pieces themselves are quite easy to make.  It’s the sewing it together part I can’t stomach, as previously stated.

And Paige is far pickier than Allie is.  Allie is a take-it-as-you-can-get-it type of a personality.  Paige is a I’d-like-it-exactly-as-the-picture type of a person.  On Allie’s monkey, I cheated and gave him button eyes instead of embroidering them on there, after an embroidery try came off horrific.  I won’t even try to put a positive spin on it.  Paige stated, “Uh, I think Allie wanted it EXACTLY like the picture.”  Well, then, that’s just too bad for Allie, isn’t it.  I suggest she take up crochet as a hobby then.

“I want MY eyes crocheted,” she stated, as the project began.  I figured I could manage that request, since she mentioned NOTHING about embroidering.

Last week, the elephant was finally completed as I sewed on the tail, and the four legs, the ears, a trunk, and manage to figure out my own eyeball configuration.


So Mr. Elephante is completed.  And sadly, I’ve had another request for him.  I need to give myself a week or two recovery from this one.

elephant2 But the smile on her face makes it totally worth it.