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“Look, Mom! I’m really doing it! And look how NICE my stitches are!”

Paige had found a Stitchin’ Fun kit that someone had gotten her for her birthday back in May. She’s attempted it a few times, but patience and sitting are not two of Paige’s better qualities. I stashed the kit away until she had a little more patience.

Last night was apparently that night.

She sat on the couch next to me, while I crocheted my latest project, and I would hear things like, “Wow, Paige, those stitches are so NEAT!”

And, “Wow! I am awesome!”

She is nothing if not her biggest cheerleader.

When she ran out of her kit provided yarn, she gave a huge sigh and looked defeated. After all, she was way into it, and now she was out of yarn.

“Paige,” I pointed out. “I have a whole drawer set over there filled with yarn. The bottom two drawers are yarn. Pick yourself out a color and bring it over. I’ll cut you a bit off.”

She skipped over and picked out the girliest pink she could find.  Shocking.

Then she went back to work.

“Mom, can I just have those two drawers of yarn?”

“Um, no!”  I run a small, at home crochet shop, and I could probably start a small yarn store with the stash I’ve accumulated.  “We can SHARE,” I emphasized.  I certainly don’t mind her stealing a strand or two here and there.

“Oh, then I’ll take the bottom drawer and you can take the top drawer.”

I think she’s misunderstanding me.

In the end, she sat for over two hours with her Stitchin’ Fun last night.  And about half way through, I felt the need to photograph the monumental occasion both of her sitting for a long period of time, and her very first, in depth project.


Last night my oldest daughter found the joys of yarn.  And she’s hooked.