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I’m sure this is not the only house. I’ve heard stories, after all. But my kids…and by kids, I mean Paige…they just don’t see mess.

“Paige, pick up that toy on the floor.”

It is literally one footstep in front of her.

“What toy? Where?” she’ll ask, while turning in every direction, looking frantically, and still, somehow not seeing the toy.

I’ve had her eyes checked. Her vision is so good, it’s almost x-ray. But let there be a mess, and her super powers fail. Or maybe that IS her super power. The girl who gets everyone to pick things up for her! I don’t know. Sound alright, but let’s face it, of all the super powers, invisibility is clearly the best. Maybe she didn’t get to choose.

Yes, summer has not been kind to my house. I have actually made a silent pact with myself to do no heavy cleaning until AFTER she goes back to school. Cleaning with her in the house is totally pointless. It’s like she knows and rapidly follows me messing as fast as I’m cleaning.

So, today’s project has been brought to you by Exasperated Mom’s Untied, of which I’m acting president.  This is my new bucket.  I ❤ my new bucket.  The children already fear it, which is exactly what the intention is.

This is a front view of my fabulous new bucket.


And the side view.


Ah, revenge will be mine.  Mwahahahaha!  I will have the cleanest house this side of the Mississippi.  Or my kids will just decide they can play with rocks.