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Parenting fact #412. Back to school jitters are not reserved for only the back to school-er.

I hardly slept last night in anticipation of Paige’s first day of school. Second grade. Where has the time gone? And, really, there’s nothing to worry about. She knew right where he class was (or the general area anyway), she’s familiar with the principal, the bus ride. She doesn’t know her teacher yet, but does know a handful of kids in her class. And other parent’s have assured me this teacher is fantastic.

So what was I so worried about? Maybe not worried. Just shared excitement, I guess.

So when the alarm went off this morning at 5:30 am, even though I had been awake from 2-4 am, I dragged myself out of bed with hardly a moan and set about making first day muffins for my second grader.

By the time she was up, I had two cups of coffee in me, and was determined that the morning would go smoothly, and leave ourselves plenty of time for a picture (or 30).


When the bus arrived, she bound out the door, across the street, with little faces peering through the bus windows, waving frantically at her.

She didn’t even turn around to wave good-bye, or to blow me a kiss.

I have spent all summer waiting for this precious return to school.  I just never expected it to tug on my heart like this.