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Paige went through a stage where she followed everything she said with, “Right, Mom?” I’d like to say this lasted only a month or two, but it lasted an antagonizing eight or nine months or so. I guess it was her way of making sure I had heard every bloody word that came out of her mouth. All. Day. Long.

To my dismay, I believe she has passed this down to Allie. Although, thanks be to Mary, Allie follows everything up with, “Right, sis?”

Ah, I love karma.

A conversation overheard this morning, while the girls were playing with Paige’s Kindle.

Allie: Stop it you silly game, right sis?
Paige: Right.
Allie: Aw, come on! Right, sis?
Paige: Right.
Allie: That’s so funny! Right, sis?
Paige: Right.

I’m not sure which is more annoying.  “Right, Mom?” or hearing the word, “right” six times in twenty seconds.