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The weather was cool.  And cool weather means this mama goes into a serious baking phase.  Of course, it’s also been far too long since I’ve done a serious shopping trip, and the only thing I had everything for in the house was a pumpkin pie.  I whipped everything together, turned on the oven and slid the pie into the oven. 

“What you makin’, Mama?” Allie asked.  Any beeping of kitchen equipment, and Allie just has to see what’s being made.  I call her my little Julia Child because she always in the kitchen with me. 

“Pumpkin pie,” I answered, and set me timer. 

“Mmmmmmm!  Yummy!  Thank you, Mama, thank you!”  She was jumping up and down at the thought of dessert like I had just rescued her from a third world country in Africa. 

“I don’t know what you’re thanking me for.  You’re not having any pie.  You didn’t finish your chicken at dinner.” 

I have a pretty strict rule around here of you don’t finish your dinner, you don’t get any snacks.  I had to implement this rule after my kids thought grazing all day was acceptable, and meal times were for fools. 

“No, Mom,” she explained to me like I was hard of hearing, or learning disabled. “I didn’t eat my chicken because my TEETH don’t like it.” 

Ah ha.  Well, I’m really not sure how you fight that reasoning. 

She got pie.  If for no other reason than she came up with one of the most creative excuses ever.