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No one has told Allie she’s only three.  She thinks she’s at least close to Paige’s age, if not surpassing it all together.

Paige’s new phrase is, “So, anyway…” while moving on to another topic.

Allie has picked up on this new conversation changing phrase.  Especially when it suits her best such as, “Did you eat all 52 Oreo cookies?”


Last week, I was sitting quietly in the living room.  There was no TV on, no background noise, no dogs were bothering me (though they were quietly sleeping around me) and I was working on my latest project.  The silence is what must’ve thrown her.  I’m not sure why she started saying it, but I heard her go into the dining room and say, “So anyway….” and then stop when she realized I was not at my computer like she thought I was.

So she moved onto the bathroom, poking her head in the door and saying, “Anyway….” but I wasn’t there either.

She opened the basement door and screamed down the stairs, “So, anyway….” but the light was off, so she figured I wasn’t there.

Into the living room (where she couldn’t actually see me due to my small frame and large backed chair) where she said, “Anyway…” but got no response.  I wanted to see how long she would keep going.

To the bottom of the stairs where she yelled up, “So, anyway, Mama….” and waited for a reply.

Finally, she got smart and came into the living room and found me sitting in the chair, cackling like a hyena.

“So, anyway, I’d like a new puppy.”

Not a chance.