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I walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  I find toothpaste everywhere.

Not globs of toothpaste, like someone put too much on their brush, and spit out a big, unused glob.  No, what I find are long, ropey strands of toothpaste.  Like someone just squeezed it directly from tube to counter.

“Why the crap is there toothpaste everywhere?” I yell to Paige.  I go directly to the source.  Allie still has help putting the toothpaste on her brush, so I know the culprit is Paige.  It’s no wonder I go through a tube of toothpaste in about a week flat.

“Huh?” zombie Paige replies, barely acknowledging me, since the Animaniacs are holding her attention on TV.

“Toothpaste,”  I say simply.  “Was there some sort of toothpaste calamity in the bathroom?”

“What?!” she says defensively.  “I was trying to catch a bug!”

I can’t even yell at her, because I pretty much do the same thing with hairspray.  Except I save it for the really scary bugs, like wasps, or spiders.