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“Mama, Mama,” Allie said, while tugging on my arm.  “Sissy needs you!” 

“She needs me?” I questioned.  They were eating their breakfast at the table while I hurried to finish my cup of coffee, and catch up on whatever news I could before all hell broke loose in the school day rush. I could not understand why Paige would not just call me from one room away. 

“What does she need me for?”

“She just needs you!  C’mon!”  She was insistant, so I allowed her to drag me by my right arm out of the chair and into the dining room. 

“What’s up, chicken butt?” I said to Paige.  One of the many nicknames I have for her, but one of the few that has stuck for years. 

Instead of answering my question, she holds a grape up to Allie.  Allie smiles, snatches it from her hand, makes a “mmm”-ing sound, thanks her sister, and quickly pops it into her mouth before Paige can change her mind. 

“Oh!  That’s so nice!” I commend.  “Sharing your grapes with your sister?  What a great big sister you are!” 

I always think acts of kindness towards a sister are overly adorable and sweet.  Mostly because I’m an only child. 

Paige was quick to correct me, though.  “No.  I told her if she went into the other room and got you for me, I’d give her a grape.” 

“What is she?  A trained monkey?  She’s your SISTER, not someone I put on this earth to serve as your slave!” 

I never did find out what Allie had pulled me into that room for.  And neither girl looked too concerned over the undercurrent of slavery that is slowly seeping into this house, now that Paige is aware Allie LIKES to clean, and can understand commands quickly and easily. 

I’m sure Paige will find more ways to use her as easy slave labor while I’m not watching.