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I put Allie to bed, after calling her down from Paige’s room. 

After five years, we have finally gotten Paige’s room SPOTLESS.  Not that it’ll last long.  I’m setting my expectations low. 

Now that her room is clean, the girls get great enjoyment from playing upstairs, out of view, getting into God knows what mischief.  Paige was playing with her kindle, mostly.  But as far as Allie’s concerned, the sun rises and sets on Paige, so up she went with her. 

After Allie’s teeth were brushed, and she was changed, and read to and sung to and tucked in, I headed back towards Paige’s room.  “Why don’t you tidy up whatever was destroyed while you guys were playing,” I coaxed.  I never, EVER use the word “clean” with Paige.  You’re likely to get the sigh, the eye roll and the excuse.  Not necessarily in that order.  “Tidy” is a much less overwhelming word for her. 

“We already did!” Paige yelled back. 

“You did?!”  While Allie may clean without being asked, Paige would rather keel over dead. 

“Well, Allie did,” she admitted.

“Allie did?  Why did Allie clean your room?” 

“I told her if she cleaned my room I’d let her watch me play on my kindle.” 

Well, what a treat for Allie.  Paige is becoming master manipulator.  I cannot save Allie all the time.  She’s going to have to get smart and start demanding better payment.  Like, “I won’t tell Mom you beat the snot out of me if you give me your favorite princess dress that I’ve always adored.”  I will continue to warn Paige that one day Allie will learn to fight back.