Alright, a slight deviation here away from my child chatter to announce my blog has been nominated for more awards!  Yay!  Awards!  And while I will not be thanking the academy, I WOULD like to thank Julia and Charlotte for nominating me for the Liebster award.  Thank you both, ladies! Make sure you stop in and visit their blogs!

I believe I now have to answer ten (eleven?) questions that they gave me, and then nominate more bloggers.  I hate to have to give people more things to do, so I will just link to some blogs that I think are great and that you should go check out!

Questions from Julia:

1. Do you sleep with the door open or closed.

Closed.  No particular reason.  Just closed.

2. Make a confession of your choice.

Okay, a confession.  Hmm….I guess the biggest confession I have to let go of at this time, is, I’m a Disney fanatic (stop laughing, Donna).  This is not a secret to those closest to me.  But those that know me well, know I need some werious help.  I watch the Disney blogs closely.  I have about a bajillion combined Disney sites that I follow through facebook and Instagram.  I know all the useless trivia.  I have a countdown at all times on my phone to our next Disney vacation.  Walt Disney is my idol, and I actually threw up a fit at the end of a Walt Disney biography that I watched when he died at the end.  “You didn’t see that coming?” my step-father asked.  “Well, they don’t have to throw it in our face, do they?  That’s NO kind of a way to end his biography.”  So, there you have it.

3. What would your last meal on earth be?

Oh, God.  Seafood.  Easily.  Lobster, clams, stuffed quahogs, scallops, shrimp, little necks, crab…I may have been a fisherman in my last life.

4. What is your ring tone for phone calls.

I have my phone on silent so often, I don’t even remember.  I do know the ring tone for my husband is Time Is Love by Josh Turner.  And my tone for texts would be Pepe Lepew calling out, “Where are you pigeon? I am looking for you!”  Which, when it went off at full blast last week in church, in the middle of the sermon….yeah….that was fantastic.  And may or may not have sent my husband into a fit of spastic laughter, to which he choked out, “Idiot,” at the end of it.

5. If you were an animal, what would you be?

A snow leopard.  No.  A sea otter.  No, a polar bear.  A CHEETAH!  I may enjoy the zoo more than my children.

6. If you had $20 to spend at the dollar store, what would you get?

Is it a dorky answer if I say something like, a couple coloring books for my kids, bubble bath that makes them over the moon happy (ah, to be seven)?  Hair elastics, because I think the kids must eat ours, and then maybe some school supplies to send in to Paige’s teacher.  And then whatever else my kids talk me into while I’m there.

7. How do you eat your Oreos?

I dip them in milk.  At the exact moment before they get so soggy, they crumble to the bottom, I take them out and eat them.  It’s a fine line you walk.  I have lost many Oreos to the bottom of my cup of milk.  Or I have to wrestle the Oreos from the mouth of Allie.

8. Why did you start blogging?

My kids say and do hysterical stuff.  My step-mother told me I had to write a book.  But who has time for that?  I found a blog to be much easier.

9. What is your favorite pop/soda/soft/bubbly drink?

To be honest, I don’t drink much soda.  If I do, it’s Sprite or Diet Pepsi.  I’ll drink Diet Coke if there’s no other option.  And, somewhere, my father rolls over in his grave.

10. Name three things within arms length of you.

A picture of my girls, in a frame they painting, and put their fingerprints on, and wrote, “I love Mama” at the top for Mother’s Day 3 years ago.  My coffee.  My fishtank.

Okay.  Phew.  One set of questions down, one to go.

These questions are from Charlotte:

1. If today was your last day on earth, what would you do with it?

I’d go to Disney with my husband and the girls.  May be cliche, but we are kind of Disney dorks.  My husband is no better than I am.

2. If you could cure one illness/disease what would it be and why?

This is easy.  Cancer.  No particular kind.  Just all of it.  I lost my mom to breast cancer a few years back.  We lost her dad to lung cancer, my step-father’s dad to prostate cancer, my godfather to brain cancer…the list of people lost in my life to cancer is long.  With the exception of my Dad, who passed from complications of COPD, everyone has been lost to cancer.

3. What is your favorite holiday?

When I was younger, I would have said Christmas.  Now I’ll say Thanksgiving.  I get stuck with most of the work, but it’s so much less commericalized.  A day to get together and recognize all the good in our lives.

4. In ten years time, where do you see yourself?

Huh.  A head scratcher.  Ten years ago, I would not have said I was where I am today.  Not even close.  In ten years I guess I hope to be travelling more.  The kids will be older (I just gasped out loud when I realized Paige will be 17!) and I guess we’ll be out looking at colleges.  I hope to have built my photography up some by then, and that my husband continues to excel in his job.

5. Private or State School?  Which is better?  Why?

I actually have zero opinion on this one.  There’s good things to be said for both.

6. If you had to name two children after characters from a well known fandom, what would you call them (and which fandom)? (boy and girl)

I don’t know if this counts, but Allie was actually named after the character Allie from The Notebook.  It’s one of our favorite movies, and such a beautiful story.  And naturally, Noah was discussed for a boy.

7. What is/was/will be your major in college?

I never went to college.  Always said I would go back, and maybe when the kids are older and don’t need constant care, I will.  I would definitely major in something with history, or photography.  Some artsy major.  I know.  They’re really not even on the same spectrum.

8. Besides wordpress, which are your favorite three websites?

I’m really pretty easy.  I basically only visit three other websites regularly.  Facebook, pintrest and prosebox, which is another writing community.

9. Name something you want to cross off your bucket list in 2014.

Hmm…most of my bucket list is travel related.  If I could choose, and actually make it happen, I’d have to say go to Italy.  I know it won’t happen this year, but if I could make it happen, I certainly would!

10. What do you associate with England?

What everyone associates with England.  The monarchy.

11. Who would you most love to see in concert?

I’m not a big concert person.  At the moment though, something country-ish.  Darius Rucker?  Josh Turner?  Florida Gerogia Line?  Sheryl Crow?  Take your pick.

Yay!  Finished!  Okay, now for some blogs I think are great and I think you should drop in and visit.

The Matt Walsh Blog– always an interesting read, no matter what his current topic is.

Thegrangerange– Love seeing her beautiful crafts

BriAnne Huwe– Love ehr photography.  Always such beautiful pictures.

She’s A Maineiac– This blog never fails to make me laugh out loud.

The Middlest Sister– The work she puts into this blog are unbelievable.  So cleverly crafted!

Raising My Rainbow– Bringing light to raising a transgender child.  The equality she seeks for her child is inspirational.

Raising Five Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane– Just an amazing woman with an amazing family.  She always has such wonderful stories to share.

Thank you again for the nominations, ladies!