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“Mom, I need a silly hat,” Paige says last week.

“Mmmkay. Any particular reason? Or just in the mood for a silly hat?”

“It’s silly hat day at school Thursday!” she says, as if I should already know this piece of information. They have about one spirit day a month at her school. They count participants in each grade, and at the end of the year, the grade with the most participants wins a pizza party. Paige’s grade wins every year, but this year they apparently have some stiff competition. “The first graders are beating us! If we lose this year, it’s not going to be because I didn’t wear a hat for silly hat day!”

We went online and browsed a few crochet patterns. Since I crochet, the girls know they can ask me for almost anything, and I’ll come up with a way to create it.

We found and settled on a unicorn hat with a rainbow mane.

I got it done in two days, with Paige watching, saying, “You’re working so hard on this Mom, and I really appreciate it.”

Makes the work not so tedious when you know the recipient is so thankful.

So, we’re ready for silly hat day, the last spirit day of the school year. Here’s hoping they win that pizza party. I kinda think she should get double credit for having such a cool hat!

unicornhat      unicornhat2