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“Mommy, make me a hat like Paige’s,” Allie requested, after I finished the unicorn hat pictured in my last post.

“Uh, it’s April. It’s currently 75 degrees out. I’m not putting all that effort into a hat right now for you. The only reason sister got one is because it’s silly hat day at her school.”

She pouts. She thinks. She disappears. She reappears a few minutes later and says, “Make me a Belle doll, Mommy!”

“A BELLE doll? Honey, I don’t think I can make you a Belle doll.”

“Yes you can! I know you can!”

Such confidence. They think it’s just that easy. I think I’m going to teach them to crochet and then think of the most outlandish requests I can and demand they make them.  Of course, I already feel bad about making something for my oldest, and nothing for her.  My conscience gets the better of me, and I resolve to make a Belle doll for her.

In the end, I came up with this.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re worried about letting down a four year old.

Naturally, the Belle doll was finished for twelve minutes before she decided she wanted a Cinderella friend to go with her.  Back to the drawing board!