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“Nichole,” my husband shouts from the kitchen.  “Are we out of sugar?  Do we not have any?  I have a whole cup of coffee sitting here waiting to go.” 

We get panicky in this house if there’s a thought that we may be out of coffee, or some main ingredient of coffee. 

“Sugar?  You mean that giant bag of sugar sitting on the counter that must be staring you in the eye?” 

“Oh!  Whaddaya know!  Sugar!” 

Paige comes into the kitchen, she puts her hand to her ear, mimicking a phone.  “Oh, hello!  Stupid question department?”  She pretends to hand her invisible phone to her father.  “It’s for you!” 

It’s really hard to have to be mad at your kid calling you an idiot when she does it in such a creative, hysterical way.