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Summer has come.  Allegedly.  Frankly, the days are still apt to be somewhere in the low 60’s, and yesterday, even high 40’s!  But, when Mother Nature remembers that Memorial Day has indeed passed, and it’s time to get her shit together, then we have beautiful days. 

The girls spend little time indoors when the spring-like weather appears.  Which is okay with this mama.  I encouraged imaginative play anywhere that isn’t six inches off my right elbow. 

They’re playing house in the driveway.  Allie always ends up being the baby, and I think it has less to do with the fact that she’s actually the baby, and more to do with the fact that Paige enjoys barking orders.  Sometimes Allie gets regulated to play the part of the dog.  That seems to work for everyone because Allie loves dogs, and also gets to nip at people and act like she was just really in character, and Paige finally gets the dog that obeys her every command (except for that pesky ” no biting” order), with little to no training! 

Suddenly there’s a scream that I’m sure raised my mother from the grave three miles away.  It’s Allie.  And she’s got quite a set of lungs on her for such a little girl. 

She’s running for dear life up the porch steps, clawing at the screened door.  Surely there’s a kidnapper behind her.  Possibly Michael from the Halloween movies.  “BEEEEE!” she’s screeching.  She’s never been stung, but you’d never know it from her reaction to this bee. 

Paige, however, who has been stung multiple times, was cool as a cucumber, still standing in the middle of the driveway.  And she’s screaming, too.  She’s trying to be heard over Allie.  And as Allie is clawing at the back door, I can finally make out what Paige is saying. 

In her best, bossy, better-than-thou voice, I hear, “CALM DOWN!  FOR GOD SAKES THE BEE IS GOING TO KILL YOU!

Well, that would be enough to calm ANY frantic person down. 

Allie chose to spend the rest of the beautiful day indoors.  Safe from the bees.  It was a solid five days before I could get her out the back door again.