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My girls have finished out another dance year. Paige officially received her five year award, and Allie completed her very first year without killing anyone.

Allie spent most of her two minutes in the spotlight waving from stage, holding her teddy bear in one arm and yelling, “HI, MOMMY!” I tried to warn her she would not be able to see me with all those bright stage lights, but that only seemed to make her more determined. She yelled loud, to make sure she could be heard over the music. The audience roared their approval, and people all around me were waving their arms at this little one who was stealing the show.

It seems the whole auditorium must’ve figured out who Allie’s mother was, because people who have never actually seen me with my daughter were coming up to me and saying how adorable she was by the end of the show.

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Naturally, as her mother, I also think she’s adorable.  But she’s decidedly less adorable when you get a text during the show from back stage, “Hey, is it okay if I make your kid clean up the floor that she scribbled all over?  Oh yeah, and she hit another kid.”

Paige had a bunch of dances this year, and she has officially crossed over from the cute little dancers who look to the wings for help, to an actual, serious dancer.  They did so well, and I was so proud of her.  She starts the dance competition team in the fall, and we’re all looking forward to it.

They got to do their ballet dance to Frozen’s “Let It Go.”  (On a side note, I may jam a pencil in my ear if I ever hear the song again)

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Then their beautiful ballet costume transformed into their tap costume, “Pearl.”  Which is basically your standard song about a girl who’s a bit of a diva, and likes jewelry.

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The song fit my daughter perfectly.  Shocking.

They did a jazz number to “Monster Mash.”  When I first saw the costumes, I was doubtful.  When I heard the music selection, I was even more concerned.  I should know better than to question her teacher.  I have never laughed so hard during a routine in my life.  The girls, while doing their jazz moves, staggered around the stage like a bunch of half dead zombies, faces and all.  They killed it.  No pun intended.  Paige carried some of that over to our pictures.

151 copy

However, I made her smile for at least one.

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And this year, she tried something new by adding a musical theater class into her week.  They decided early in the year to work from the musical Annie, and do a dance to “Hard Knock Life.”  Because if you’re doing Annie, you HAVE to do Hard Knock Life!  Of course, that means for about three days out of every week in the last nine months, that song has been stuck in my head on a loop.

They sang their hearts out up there and it was one of the overall favorites of the night.

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Of course, she informed me that orphans don’t smile.  And she basically did poses from the dance, with the same faces she made on stage.  And no amount of my directing from behind the camera was going to change her mind.

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It was a fun year, and after this year’s performances, we can hardly wait the two months until dance starts again!


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