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Hey, let’s go out back and take a couple pictures,” I said to the girls. “Allie, if you want to participate in our pictures, you need to change out of your Minnie Mouse dress and back into the clothes you were wearing earlier, please.”

“Mmmmm….no thanks then, I’ll just watch. I like my gess.” Which is Allie for, I like my dress. That “dr” sound does her in.

It’s best not to force Allie into anything. Otherwise she’ll just dig her heels in more.

“Okay. I was really hoping to get some pretty pictures of you. But I guess I’ll just take pictures of Paigey.”

“Okay! I’m getting gessed!”

I’m so glad she did.

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And then Allie got stung by a bee.  In the face. Fortunately, we’ve now tested bees, and we’re not allergic.