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My little one is quite a handful. People who don’t see us much are always surprised with her amount of energy and mischieviousness when they get a long period of time with her. That’s not to say I leave anyone ALONE with Allie.  I haven’t found a human on earth yet that I think could survive a few rounds with her.

School next year should be entertaining. For me. Not so much for the teaching staff. They’ll learn quickly that Allie has a healthy dose of Italian and is not about to do anything she’s not completely interested in doing.

That’s not to say I don’t adore Allie. First of all, I believe in being exceedingly nice to people I’m sure will be world dictator one day. Also, I’m highly aware of the fact that this child will go through puberty one day, which I’m fairly certain hormones are involved in, and I don’t want to have to purchase multiple sets of locks for my bedroom doors as I sleep at night.

And thirdly, look at these eyes.

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She knows she can basically do anything she wants with those eyes.