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You ever turn around and look at your kids one day and realize they’re huge? And they’re changing? Those baby rolls that you fell in love with disappeared when you blinked. The baby fine hair was replaced by a thick mane that never stays brushed and smooth. The chubby fingers have thinned, and you don’t know when exactly it was that the wrist roll that could hide objects melted away.

I glanced down at my daughters’ long eyelashes yesterday. People have been telling me since her birth that the most amazing feature on her was her eyelashes. “She’ll never need mascara,” they told me. Yesterday, I set about capturing all my favorite parts of Paige before she grows any further. I want to remember her just as she is today.


From her feet that NEVER stay clean in the summer, no matter how many showers she takes (or how many endless hours she spends in the pool), to the curls that won’t quit, the Irish eyes that are ALWAYS smiling and those Cover Girl lashes.

I adore this beautiful girl.

(An Allie edition is sure to follow, but she was not interested in being cooperative yesterday, so for now, just Paigey.)



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