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I’ve been mostly missing in action these days.  I have to admit, the girls keep me pretty busy during summer vacation.

We recently spent a week camping in New Hampshire deep in the White Mountains.  It’s simply beautiful there.  If you’re not worried about tenting it with bears, raccoons and coyotes, that is.  Along with every variety of bug you can imagine.  My husband, the Eagle Scout, is not worried about any of this.  My girls, however, are sure that there will be death by daddy long leg.  I’ve tried telling them that I’ve never heard of that particularly tragic way out of this beautiful world, but at 2:00 am, no one is really listening to reason.  There was hysterical sobbing about how, “We don’t want to sleep in our tent!  We want to sleep somewhere else!!!”

“Ummm….where would you like to sleep?  There’s no room in my tent, and we’re not driving four hours home at 2:00 a.m., ladies.  And if you don’t shut your eyes, your mouths and go to sleep, you’re not going to have to worry about the bear in the woods so much as you need to worry about the bear in my tent that will emerge if I don’t SLEEP!”

They didn’t really have a good answer as to where they’d like to sleep instead, so they finally went to sleep.  The next day was rough though, let me tell you.  There were some crabby family members.  I won’t mention them by name here.  The guilty shall remain nameless.

The thing I love about my camera is the lies it tells.  We can always look like we’re having a fabulous time, even when we’re at our worst.  Looking back on the pictures, everyone’s so serene and cooperative, I almost can’t remember which days were the bad ones.


This was taken from the Saco River on a day spent tubing down the river.


They had a beautiful little lake right at the campgrounds that we were able to take advantage of for a morning.


Some get a little silly when my camera comes out.


Taken on the Kancamagus Highway.  It’s the long way home, there’s no gas for 40 miles or so, and not much of anything for that matter.  But the views are stunning, and there’s a river that runs parallel to the road for a ways that we always get out and play in.


Another week of summer spent in the mountains, another year before we get the time to go back.