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Is anyone else watching America’s Got Talent this summer?  My family is obsessed with this show.  Especially Paige.

We had Tuesday night’s episode on our DVR, so Wednesday afternoon, knowing how much Paige enjoys it, I invited her to watch with me.

We weren’t watching long when she turned to me and said, “Where are the auditions next year?”

“Umm….I have no idea.  Why?”

“I am going!  I am going to be on stage at Radio City Music Hall!  And you’re taking me!!”

I laugh.  I adore my daughter.  And she has talent.  But they will eat her alive.  However, I am not a dream killer.  “Next year?  You’re sure you’re ready next year?  Look at that theater!  Look at all the people!  You had a near stroke when I told you that you were going to have to audition in front of three judges for the competition team at dance.”

“Hey!” she barked.  But her attention turned back to the TV.  This group was on;

Baila Conmigo

“Are you going to choreograph yourself?  Or have one of your dance teachers help you?”

“Oh, myself.  I’m going up there and I’m going to wing it.”

After a few more minutes of the show, she concedes, “Okay.  Maybe I should wait a few more years until I’m on the big girl dance team…..Ooh!  Maybe I’ll do comedy!”

And I give a good hearty laugh.

“See!  I make you laugh!” she delights.

“Paige, you make a lot of people laugh.”

She then spends the rest of the show alternately watching, and hanging off my chair, head down, doing some sort of insane version of a push up.

So prepare yourself, America.  One day, at least one of my daughters plans on being at Radio City Music Hall.  Bless her heart.