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“IT’S THE PETTING ZOO!!!”  Said with the same intensity as perhaps, “IT’S A TORNADO!!!” or, “HERE COMES ED MCMAHON!!!” 

But it’s neither of those things.  It’s goats.  My kids get all worked up about the goats.  Paige just downright refuses to get too close to any of them, unless she deems them harmless (i.e. babies) and she absolutely won’t feed them.  She may chuck food at their heads, in a general attempt to fit in at the petting zoo, but she doesn’t even let our chocolate lab take treats from her hand. 


Allie mean while, gets down and dirty with the petting zoo.  She doesn’t just feed the goats, she becomes the goats.


Thank goodness they had hand wash stations right outside these pens. 

Shockingly, we go to the zoo for more than goats.  So we wandered around to find more. 


We found the kookaburras.  To which I sang him a song about him that I learned in childhood.  Paige sang with me.  Kookaburra gave us the above look.  Kookaburra was unimpressed.


This thing…what IS this thing?  Anyone?  I forgot to look at it’s name.  And I was far more interested than my kids.  Some sort of a crested crane, I’m thinking.  He made an interesting image.  But my kids had already moved on by the time I got my shots of him.


They had some Mandarin ducks, that were in with something else a little more exciting.  I vaguely remember pointing out the ducks to my kids and they said something like, “Seriously, Mom?  We have ducks at home.”  But this guy was curled up so cute, he was almost begging me to take his picture.  Can’t you hear him?


On of our favorite books in this house is Llama Llama Misses Mama.  They demanded I take a picture of this llama mama.


And then, there were flamingoes.  Allie’s new recent favorite.  She shrieked.  Loud enough to attract attention.  And then she ran.  Through crowds.  Without looking.  Some people almost didn’t make it out of the zoo yesterday. 


We went on a “Skyfari” ride.  You get to ride this nice ski-lift-looking thingamabob around the park and get an above view of a lot of the animals. 

And then it was time for the deer forest.  My girls love the deer forest.  It’s the big. wide open area (though it is surrounded by a fence on the perimeter) and there’s lots of natural, wooded area.  There’s also a lot of unnatural children, but that’s a post for another day.  There’s deer feeding stations throughout, and if you’re lucky enough, and quiet enough, and still enough, and respectful enough, you can get the deer to eat right out of your hand. 

My children are none of these things, but my youngest is like, an animal whisperer.  She the loudest thing in the state, but somehow, the animals love her. 


Meanwhile, Paige tip-toed around, but word was out about her.  They got it from the goats that she chucks food at your head.


This is about as close as a deer would venture to Paige on this day.


My husband also got in on the fun.  He’s not usually good with the animals, but I guess the deer love him.  He would crouch down like this, and they would surround him (notice the one behind him, too!). 


Him and Allie teamed up and took over the deer at the deer park.  I was worried at first about the large antlers on some of these deer, but within minutes you could tell they weren’t aggressive at all, and made no intentions of charging if scared.  They just took off.

And that moment when you turn around with your camera, and you realize you’re surrounded…


It was an exciting, fun day.  One more memory for our book before the kidlets go back to school in 24 days.  But who’s counting?