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“Mom!  We’re not doing any back to school shopping for ME?!”  Paige is horrified, even though she has enough clothes in her closet to rival the collections of Princess’ Diana and Kate together. 

“Paige.  Your sister NEEDS stuff.  You have clothes that have been in your drawers for literally two years that I’ve never seen on your body.”

We have less than two weeks to go until the ladies return to school (though because Allie’s in pre-k, she goes back a full week after her sister). Next week we will be enjoy the great Acadia National Parks. 

So, we did some back to school pictures today. 

Allie will give me the biggest, the best, the brightest smiles.  She is just the sunshine.


Paige on the other hand is mostly ridiculous.  She thinks looking down at her nails is close enough to looking at me.  On the rare occasion she DOES look at me, she gives me the fakest smiles known to God.  Like, Ugh, would you just hurry up and get this over with already?

So, I have to tell ridiculous jokes to get her to smile.  Or partial jokes.  Because it turns out, I’m not funny under pressure. 

“So, Paige, two butts walk into a bar….”


“Mom, you’re utterly ridiculous.”  Whatever.  You smiled.  Mission accomplished. 

Two more weeks until my house stays clean for more than a half hour at a time.