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Allie has started preschool.  It’s been an almost seamless transition on her part.  There was no separation anxiety, and every morning, she calls my name from the doorway as I’m leaving (we’re no longer allowed into the building for drop off due to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary) and blows me a kiss, while the children around her break down into convulsions and tears.

On day two of school, she says, “Ugh.  Mom!  You forgot your camera!”

“No, Al, I didn’t bring my camera on purpose.  I took pictures of you the other day!  You think I’m going to take a picture of you every day you go to school?”

“I just want you to take pictures of me because I’m beautiful!”

In a world where girls are made to feel less than perfect, need to be blond haired, blue eyed, big busted and a size 0, I don’t think my girls will have a problem.  I spend large portions of my day trying to make sure they know their loved and that they’re perfect just the way they are.

But judging by their love of self, I think I can stop for a while now.  Now to teach them some humility….