Whew!  Been quite a while since I updated about the crazy things my kids say.  Life has been busy with my Dad having a major neck surgery and myself being his main caretaker, on top of mom, on top of wife, on top of trying to get my new business off the ground. I missed the month of October.  Was it any good?  Anything major that happened that I should be aware of?

Of course, my kids being my ever witty, they kept me entertained through my month of exhaustion.

“Let’s go ladies!  Into the car for dance,” I yelled to the girls, as I was locking up the house.

Even though it was too cold for my blood, Paige had had a half day of school that day due to parent teacher conferences.  That I had to attend after attending to two hours of dance classes.

The girls and the neighbor’s son had been talking over the fence to each other.  Him perched on their second floor deck, my girls nested into their swing set clubhouse.

“Paige, when will you be back?” he yells over the fence.  He has a thing for her, I think, since she returns to the house many times in the morning, waiting for the bus, with flowers he has picked for her.

“When it’s too dark to see you anymore!” she screams back, opening the car door and hopping in.

“Why do you dance that long?”

“I don’t really dance that long!  It’s just dark early due to the way the earth is currently rotating!”

Yes, that’s how my eight year old talks.

“Has she always had this vocabulary?” her third grade teacher asks us when we sit down for parent-teacher conferences.  In fact, it’s the first thing out of her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” I nod.  “She was speaking sentences at six months old.  And there’s just been no stopping her since.  She would use four and five syllable words at eighteen months, and correctly, and people could just never believe the things that she was saying.”

“Do all of her teachers ask you about this?”

“Pretty much,” hubby says.

“I swear, sometimes she speaks, and I have to turn around to see who said it because I’m sure another adult walked into the room.”

You can never hear stuff like that too much.  I’m so proud of my girls.  Paige has brought home nothing under 100 for her vocab and spelling papers, and nothing under a 90 for math.  And Allie apparently plays well with others, and hasn’t taken over the classroom yet.  So success in both areas!